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To be an inclusive brand, fitness ambassador, coach and mentor for every individual seeking a healthier lifestyle.  


Playing hockey for 15 years provided me the foundation to pursue my passion for fitness.​​​  Understanding how to treat your body both with exercise and food, allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in strengthening myself to be better both in sport and in life.

As time passed and responsibilities in life followed, I found myself losing the focus in having a healthy mind and body.  Weight gain, reaching close to 300 lbs, loss of self esteem, motivation and personal drive were only a few reasons I needed to find my way back on the right path to health.

My journey began by venturing out of my comfort zone to find motivation by participating in Fitness Classes, Yoga, Cross-Fit, Running and Hiring a Personal Trainer.  There was a lot of hard work, dedication and personal drive to get to my fitness goal.  I successfully lost 100 lbs with the help of an amazing fitness coach which focused on strength training, endurance, nutritional knowledge on meal preps and portion control.

This journey sparked my love for fitness again, and motivated me to pursue my fitness career.  I am fully trained and certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, shadowing some of the top fitness trainers and coaches in Canada and USA.

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